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for every Off-Road Enthusiast...

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Total Control of Accidental Spills*

*Petroleum-Based Fuels, Lubricants, Battery Acid, Coolant and other Target Fluids....

Our TRANSPORTATION KITS are for the protection of our ENVIRONMENT. Our kits contain only State of the Art products and with a specific application in mind. All Kits contain user-friendly products plus safe disposal bags.

4x4 Off-Road Transportation Kits

Both, our 4x4 "Trail Boss" and regular 4x4 Vehicle Off-Road Transportation Kits contain an assortment of ADsorbent and ABsorbent products, such as:

Non-Spill FUELING BIBBS - ADsorbs leaks, drips and overfilling spills. Also,PRO-ZORBTM filled ABsorbent Padds to collect, cleanup and control accidental spills of target contaminates. All targeted fluids are encapsulated and can be temporarily stored in the provided disposal bag.

ProZorb State-of-the-Art Capillary Absorber

These Off-Road Kits are specially packaged in Heavy Duty Zippered (Reusable) Vinyl Bags to fit compactly in your vehicles.

Along with those sorbent products, each Kit contains specific preventative items for a Pro-Active stance such as... Drip Pan, Matts, Padds, Repair Putty Stick, Hand Cleaner-Degreaser Wipes, Storage-Disposal Bags and ProZorb Loose Particulate for Bio-Remediation of contaminated soil.

We offer a New ENVIRONMENTAL Vision and Concepts based on:

  • Prevention... not fear!
  • Solutions... not conflict!
  • Education... not litigation!
  • Products... not emotions
    ...that employ, not destroy, natural and human resources.

Stock Number: BRE-OR-KT
Item Description: 4x4 Vehicle Off-Road Transportation Kit
Stock Number: BRE-OR-TBK
Item Description: 4x4 Vehicles "Trail Boss" Off-Road Transportation Kit

We, the outdoor enthusiasts, are 87 million strong. If we are PRO-ACTIVE in our Off-Road actions - we will defeat all conflicts before they can impair our Rights.

Our user-friendly ENVIRONMENTAL Kits allow us the opportunity to help you prevent, control and cleanup all forms of hydrocarbon pollution... and were featured three (3) times in recent FIELD & STREAM articles. The 4x4 Kit was selected as Editor's Choice - the 10 Most needed Products for the Back Country, (Vol. 1 - '95), OFF THE ROAD JOURNAL.

If You Spill... Don't Let It Kill!

If we, (the users of OUR outdoor resources), are successful in setting the correct example of ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS, hopefully, we will be safe from over-regulation!!!

B.R.E. Haz-Mat Stripe

Custom Kits with your personalized label and contents to meet your specific requirements are available - Please contact 1-800-436-1050 for additional information.

B.R.E. Haz-Mat Stripe
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