An Introduction to SoilUTION

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Frequently Asked Questions
About SoilUTION

Our 1-4-Mole Non-Ionic Surfactant
and Bio-Catalyst Wetting Agent...
...with, or without, Microbes.

1. What are SoilUTION and SoilUTION-M? SoilUTIONTM is a product consisting of a liquid phase, made up of wetting agents, 1-4-mole non-ionic surfactant, bio-catalyst and nutrients. SoilUTION-M has an additional "dry" phase made up of oil-digesting REM-3 microbial cultures which may be added to the liquid phase.

2. What Is SoilUTION used for? SoilUTION has two uses. First, it is a biodegradable cleaning agent for the removal of hydrocarbons such as crude oil, grease, diesel fuel or gasoline. Second, it will cause the breakdown digestion of these hydrocarbons naturally, by converting them into non harmful by-products.

3. Is SoilUTION safe to use? Absolutely! It is non-toxic and is 100% safe to use as directed. It is also 100% biodegradable - safe for ground water.

4. Can SoilUTION be used to treat and remediate oil spills? Yes, SoilUTION will restore soil and water to its uncontaminated natural state. SoilUTION is often used after the application of ProZorb, our biodegradable absorbent and remediation accelerator. SoilUTlON enhances the breakdown and utilization of all hydrocarbons encapsulated by the ProZorb granules. Once this is accomplished, the by-products are then utilized by forms of life often found naturally in the soil or water, or as with SoilUTION-M, that natural population of microbes may be greatly enhanced. SoilUTION should be used and applied according to B.R.E. recommendations. For specific application rates and procedures contact your SoilUTION dealer or call B.R.E. at 1-800-436-1050.

5. How do I know SoilUTION is working? The most accurate method for analyzing treated soil is a TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon) analysis. This test procedure is performed by most oil-field labs for under $50. You should see the germination of native vegetation in the soil in 3-4 weeks after treatment. For specific guidelines regarding TPH regulations contact your local governing agency.

6. When and why do I mix the microbes with the SoilUTlON? The optimum situation is to mix the microbes with the SoilUTlON at least two (2) hours prior to use. Once you have added the microbes the mixture should be used within thirty (30) days. After thirty (30) days the product will lose its potency as it will break down and become less effective. The SoilUTION will work great as a cleaner without the microbes, but if you need to remediate the hydrocarbons you must add the microbes.

7. What are some applications for SoilUTlON? SoilUTION is a excellent cleaner where oil is the contaminant. It is used in parts washers, as a engine or equipment cleaner, a floor cleaner and for clothes contaminated with oil.

8. How do I apply SoilUTION? SoilUTION is easily applied with any liquid spraying equipment. It can be applied using a small shoulder-tote pump-up sprayer for most small jobs. It is best to spray SoilUTION directly onto the contaminated area and work it in by scrubbing or mixing as dictated by the surface of the contaminated area. You must keep the treated area wet for the REM-3 Microbes in SoilUTlON-M to remain active and complete the breakdown of the hydrocarbons.

9. How do I mix SoilUTION and can I dilute it? We recommend that you dilute SoilUTION at least 50/50 with fresh water before using. SoilUTION is a concentrated product that works best after it is diluted to reduce the viscosity of the liquid making it easier to apply and making it more cost effective.

10. Where can I purchase these SoilUTION Products? SoilUTION is sold through agents, dealers and distributors. There maybe a supplier near you or call B.R.E. at 1-800-436-1050.

Varied Mixing, Application and Use Guidelines can be obtained from your Distributor to fit your situation.

Remember... "If You Spill, Don't Let It Kill !

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