Haz-Mat Spill Response Kits

Decide to be Prepared...
with a Kit to fit your potential situation.

All Kits contain PRO-ZORBTM ,our EXCLUSIVE, Non-Toxic,
Non-Hazardous, Non-Flammable, Light-Weight, Bio-Degradable,
State of the Art, Capillary ABsorber !

top haz-mat stripe haz-mat stripe haz-mat stripe haz-mat stripe haz-mat stripe haz-mat stripe haz-mat stripe haz-mat stripe haz-mat stripe haz-mat stripe haz-mat stripe haz-mat stripe bottom haz-mat stripe 10-G Kit image 10-Gallon Haz-Mat Spill Response Kits
Two Kits to choose from... a Kit for the cleanup and containment of Hydrocarbons, Acids and Bases... another for Hydrocarbons only. Both types come in Heavy Duty Reusable Response Boxes... both handle spills of up to 10 Gallons of Target Contaminates. Have us Custom Create a Kit for your specific needs.
20-G Kit image WALL-HUNG Spill Response Kits
These Heavy Duty, Refillable, Poly, Haz-Mat Response Cabinet / Kits are easily Wall-Hung in any building or trailer. Their slender double-doors allow easy access even in extremely cramped quarters.
25-G Kit image 25-Gallon Haz-Mat Spill Response Kits
These Kits will Absorb up to 25 Gallons of Hydrocarbons or Hydrocarbons, Acids and Bases... for Total Control of Accidental Spills. Is this the size you need to have standing ready?
35-G Kit image 35-Gallon Haz-Mat Spill Response Kits
Adopt a plan for Employee and Environmental Protection in the event of a Petroleum-based Liquids or Hazardous Materials Spill. These Kits will absorb up to 35 Gallons of Oils, Fuels, Coolants, Solvents and more... with Protective Gear to Contain and Clean-up Safely!
55-G Kit image 55-Gallon Haz-Mat Spill Response Kits
These very popular Custom Created Kits are perfect for areas where the added capacity will handle several situations before needing restocked. They can hold a HUGE selection of Products, such as... Matts, Padds, Sock Booms, Fueling Bibbs, Drain Stopper, Drip Pan, Bags, Guide, Gloves, Goggles and more.
1000-G Trailer image Haz-Mat Response Trailers
Custom-Size, Custom-Stocked Trailers filled with Superior Products to control, cleanup and contain spills up to 1,000 gallons... and built to your specific needs... features like Sidelight Roof, Full-Swing Rear Door, Side Access Doors, Diamond-Plate or Carpeted Interior, Adjustable Shelving and Drop-Down Dispensing Side Window.

B.R.E. Haz-Mat Stripe

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B.R.E. Haz-Mat Stripe
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