Custom Commercial Transportation
and Spill Response Kits

All Kits Contain ProZorbTM ...For Total Control of Accidental Spills.

We can create Custom RESPONSE and ENVIRONMENTAL KITS for all applications and any situations...

...Employee Protection, Containment & Clean-Up, Complete Removal, Maintenance, Prevention and many more.

No one knows your business... like you do! Every SPILL is a LIABILITY, and being prepared can simply save you money.
B.R.E. Haz-Mat Stripe B.R.E. Haz-Mat Stripe B.R.E. Haz-Mat Stripe B.R.E. Haz-Mat Stripe B.R.E. Haz-Mat Stripe Heavy Equipment image Heavy Equipment Spill Response Kits
Primary and Secondary Containment Systems for Transportation and Heavy Equipment of ANY size...

Mass-Transit image Industrial, Commercial & Mass Transit Transportation Kits
Custom Transportation Kits in ALL SIZES... for Total Control of Accidental SPILLS of Fuels, Oils, Coolants, Battery Acids and more from Tractor-Trucks, Busses, Planes, Trains... You name it!

Agricultural Equipment image Agricultural Equipment Kits
Clean Soil is Your Livelihood! Be prepared to handle SPILLS of Fuels, Oils, Coolants, Insecticides, Fungicides, Rodenticides, Acids and Caustics or any hazardous material kept on your property...

Emergency Vehicle image Emergency Vehicle Kits
Kits for any FIRST RESPONDER... Police, Fire, Rescue, Security, Military, Coast Guard, Ambulance, Towing...

Aviation image Aviation Units and Kits
Contaminated Aviation Fuel Disposal Units (available soon) and Custom Aviation Spill Response Kits...

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B.R.E. Haz-Mat Stripe
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